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Part 1

1) Keywords

What are Keywords?

Keywords are basically terms that we send to a search engine when search for answers, knowledge, products, or services.

What keywords are important?

Keywords are important because when people search for the keyword it helps the user to find you.

How to find keywords?

go to Keyword shitter this is one of the site which gets you keyword search your keyword there and it will get you unlimited keywords until you stop the process

How to analyse keywords?

there are many website and extensions check the following

  • Keywords everywhere - keywords everywhere is a chrome and firefox extension you can download it from link How to use keywords every where? once you have downloaded ti the again search for your keyword on google it will show you the volume of search and many more about it and it will also show you a list of related keywords and there description.

  • ubersuggest - ubersuggest is a free website to search for keywords it shows lot more than the keywords but we will talk about it in next post you can visit the site from this link How to use it? open the website it will ask you to enter keyword or domain name if you search with domain name then go to the right tab and select for keywords it will show you all the informaton needed

  • keywordtool - keywordtool is a free website to find keywords visti site from this link
  • ahref - ahref is a popular website for analysig keywords and many more site link - link this site is paid but the data they provide is very good

how to add keywords in a website? Add a meta tag belo head tag link the below image. The tag defines metadata about an HTML document. Metadata is data (information) about data.


Learn Advanced SEO

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On-page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page SEO involves all the on-site techniques you can employ to ensure a webpage will rank on a SERP. It uses both content and technical elements to improve the quality of a page, so the more time and energy you pour into on-page SEO, the more traffic you’ll get to a website and the more relevant that traffic will be. Optimising a website for on-page SEO includes many different aspects, such as:

1) convert http to https

How to convet from http to https?

you can convert http to https for free using cloudflare.

what is cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a free CDN type product that protects against threats such as SQL injection and identity theft. Cloudflare also improves site performance and speeds up loading times by using their multiple data centers that are located around the world.

how to use cloudflare?

Once you have your website up and running, you can change the DNS settings to the Cloudflare servers, thus caching your website.By changing your domain name settings you are allowing Cloudflare to cache a copy of your website. With Cloudflare you also have the option of being able to control the type of traffic that you are receiving.

2) imporve website loading time

how to check website loading time?

following are the websites:

  • PageSpeed Insights- link for website this webiste show the loading time as well as the mistakes or where the page took more time to load
  • gtmatrix- link for website
  • pingdom - link for website
  • etc ..

3) lessen your bounce back rate

ways to lessen bounce back rate:

  • do not show popups on starting of the website
  • show intresting topics on the starting of website
  • do not show too many ads on the website it sometimes irritates the user
  • and bounce back rate can affect your website ranking

4) Click Through Rate (CTR)

On what factor CTR depend?

It depends upon your website title,description,url you need to add keywords on title discription and catchy words.

for example:

Your website is at 8 position and too many people are searching for that keyword and visiting your site it indicates that you website have intresting content and it imporves your ranking.

5) Making your site mobile friendly

6) URL structure

for example like in this post my topic is about on page seo so my URL should be https://www.teknowledge.info/on-page-seo many a time you would have seen url like yourdomain/AFSJGdkj random words this websites generally ranks lower

Learn Advanced SEO

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Off-page SEO

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO, in short, covers all SEO tactics that take place outside of your own website.

What does Off-page SEO include?

  • Backlinking
  • Social Media Sharing

etc ..

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link on someone else's website that sends the reader to your site.

how to check backlinks of others or competitors website?

following are the websites:



  • ahref : link for website. This is a paid website and most popular website for bloggers.This website give complete data of any website which you search for.
  • semrush : link for website. This is also a paid website and data provided in very good
  • keywordtool : link for website. This is also a paid website but the data provided is accurate

How to take backlinks?

so the website we got from the above websites now we have to visit the website to check whether their is any chance of you to get backlink check if there any comment option so you can comment your website for backlink or you can mail them requesting for backlinks.

following are some the free website where you can comment and get backlink:

  • http://www.bloggen.be/deinze/reageer.php?postID=1162058
  • https://www.andeshandbook.org/index.php?/home/testimonios
  • http://quanticalabs.com/wp_themes/themis-theme/etiam-id-neque-ac-tortor-malesuada/
  • http://dan-stevens.co.uk/comments/recent
  • https://www.aaopt.org/home/aaof/awards-grants
  • https://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/
  • https://www.analogplanet.com/
  • https://www.babelio.com/
  • http://www.mamascomfortcamp.com/poop-sandwich/
  • https://www.rrca.org/home/test-banner-1
  • http://phylo.info/node/71290

more about backlinks

sometimes taking more baclinks can affect you blogs it can lower your rank so to avoid this you can try not to take backlinks directly so now the question arises then how to take backlinks? now you can make more blogs like you can make free blogs on blogspot etc and then take backlinks from them like in the below image if you search engine find it spam and shutdown your website it does now affect your money making website

backlink structure

like in above image you are taking only 3 backlinks on your money making website but the money makig site is getting all the backlinks you took from all tier so the advantage of this is that you got all backlinks on your money making website and your money making website is out of danger

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